Custom Garden Design


Why choose us over a General Landscaping company? While many garden design companies do the same generic beds on property after property, Timeless Gardens NY designs beautiful custom gardens. Our garden designs are specifically tailored to your space, needs, and personal style.


Design the Garden of Your Dreams


Timeless Gardens NY can create the perfect garden just for you.  A custom garden that will change with the seasons and grow more beautiful over time.


Do you want to add depth? Perhaps you want a butterfly garden, or a garden that attracts birds? Would added privacy be a garden goal? Maybe you want plants with more color, or a touch of elegance? The right garden design can enhance your home or business.


Four-Season Garden Designs


Timeless Gardens NY creates four-season designs. This ensures your home or business looks great year-round. Plus, our focus on natural gardens means they are designed to fill in and grow more beautiful with time.


While considering our client’s preferences for style, color, and particular needs, we also take nature and time into account. We have a deep respect for nature and focus on sustainable garden design. Ask us about which plants thrive in all the different environments around the Hudson Valley.


Deer Resistant Gardens


We live and work here in the Hudson Valley, so we know what we’re up against.  It also means we know which plantings deer like and dislike, plus the best practices and methods to repel deer.


When you choose Timeless Gardens NY you can not only deter deer from your gardens, you can do it with year-round colors!


Locally Sourced Gardens


Timeless Gardens NY is a local business. We live and work in the Hudson Valley. And with over 15 years of experience working in gardens all around Westchester County, Putnam County, and Dutchess County, we know what plantings work where.

Working closely with local nurseries and arborists ensures that our selections are of the highest quality. Choosing the correct plantings to thrive on your specific property is one of our specialties.


Garden Maintenance


Timeless Gardens NY is committed to developing long-term relationships with our clients. We are experts in the feeding, ornamental pruning, and watering requirements of every planting in every garden we create.


Knowledgeable garden design is our passion. Right from the start, we pick the right plantings for the right spaces. We will enrich the soil for Spring and Fall plantings so your gardens thrive.  When we do all the weeding and work, our clients can just lean back and enjoy the view.