Poolside Garden Design


Poolside garden design can mean a lot of things: trees, bushes, beds, pots, planters, hanging baskets, or a combination of all of the above. It depends on your individual style, the location of your pool, the natural environment, and your specific needs. Do you want more privacy? Do you want to hide pool pumps, or hide fencing with plantings? Want a garden to make a splash with some fun colors, or add a touch of elegance? Are you tired of deer eating your gardens?


Call today so we can start to create the perfect poolside garden for you!


Poolside Gardens Add Value


Timeless Gardens NY can create a whole new space for you to entertain, linger, and enjoy to the fullest.


Poolside Garden Maintenance


Timeless Gardens NY not only designs and creates the perfect poolside oasis, we can maintain it too. Put our horticultural knowledge and years of experience working in the Hudson Valley to use. We can do the weeding, watering, feeding, and maintenance of your gardens.